Top 5 Reasons To Hire An Attorney After A Work Accident

March 19, 2009

There are several reasons to hire an attorney after a work injury in Florida or any other state:

1. It doesn’t cost you anything out of your pocket. The economy is not great, and we all need to cut back on expenses.  The last thing most people need is another monthly expense.  However, many workers compensation lawyers work on a contingent basis.  That means the lawyers only get paid if you settle your claim, and the attorneys fee is a percentage of the settlement recovery.  Nothing comes out of your pocket.  Also, as the workers compensation laws currently exist, the lawyer can recover some or all of the attorneys fees from the insurance company.

2. Receive a money settlement from your workers comp claim – Many people don’t realize that, in addition to receiving your monthly medical and wage benefits, you can also have the option of settling your workers compensation claim.  The settlement can give you the money to let you see the doctor you want to see, not the one the insurance company wants to send you to.  It can also give you future wage benefits in one lump sum, rather than having them paid out every two weeks, with some of the payments coming on time, and some not coming at all.

3. The insurance company has a lawyer; you should too! Insurance companies are multi-billion dollar, sophisticated business conglomerates with thousands of attorneys working for them, and against you. You may be speaking with the adjuster on a daily basis, but you can be certain that she is checking with her attorney every step of the way. Florida’s workers compensation laws are not perfect, but they do provide you with medical and wage benefits at a time when you need it the most – after you’ve been injured.  Also, don’t expect an insurance company to tell you about different choices you have. You need somebody protecting your rights after your Florida work injury, and making sure you get all the benefits you deserve, and are entitled to.

4.  Protect your future – Workers compensation doesn’t just provide medical and wage benefits.  It can also provide you with benefits if your injury prevents you from returning to your old job.  In certain cases, you may be entitled to free job re-training and wage benefits while you complete the re-training.  If it is determined you cannot return to work, you may be entitled to a disability benefit up to the age of 65.  Don’t expect the insurance company to counsel you on how to obtain these benefits, because if you qualify, it is going to cost them money.  Get advice about your Florida work injury from an experienced workers compensation lawyer looking out for you, and only you.

5.  Don’t wait for your benefits. Certain workers compensation insurance companies are notorious for delaying benefits such as wage checks and doctors appointments.  You count on these benefits, and you are entitled to them.  The uncertainty of when you will receive them just adds to the frustration of the system.  An experienced work accident compensation attorney can put pressure on the insurance company to minimize the frustration and aggravation caused by being injured at work.  Insurance companies have to be reminded that the purpose of Florida’s workers compensation system is "quick and efficient delivery of disability and medical benefits" to the injured worker.

For more information about a Florida work injury claim, contact Florida work accident compensation lawyer Joseph M. Maus at 1-866-556-5529 or email him today.


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