Cruise Ship Injury Tips

July 26, 2009

That cruise your are planning to your dream destination will probably be all that you are picturing: balmy seas, blue skies, and tropical beaches. You can see in in your mind, just like in a travel brochure – you and your family splashing in the pool, dancing in the nightclub, and going off to sightsee at every new port. But, what happens if you are injured while walking around on board the ship, while diving into the ship’s pool, or while on a shore excursion?

The cruise lines have many restrictions about how a cruise ship injury should be handled. In fact,  most cruise ship tickets contain seven to ten pages worth of restrictions, limitations, and requirements that a person must follow if they suffer a cruise ship accident or injury.  Although many people feel that they can resolve their cruise ship injury case by themselves, unless you are extremely familiar with the numerous laws that are unique to cruise ship accident claims, it is very easy to lose your rights to make such a claim. Be sure you retain your cruise ship ticket after your injury! Your attorney will need it because it details some of the "special" requirements" that cruise ship lines follow.

The smart thing to do is to retain an experienced cruise ship injury lawyer. You don’t want just any attorney – you want one that has experience with the cruise ship laws since many cruise lines operate under maritime law which is different from the laws on dry land. For example, even though large cruise lines depart from many different ports throughout the United States including Galveston, Texas, New Orleans, Mobile, Alabama, and numerous other ports on the East and West Coast of the United States, most cruise ship tickets require any cruise injury claim to be brought in Federal Court in South Florida. 

An experienced cruise ship injury lawyer should be extremely familiar with many of the cruise ship laws which are unique to cruise ship accidents.  These include: 

    • a one year Statute of Limitations in most cruise ship accident cases;
    •  venue provisions which require most claims to be brought in Federal Court in South Florida;
    •  pre-suit notice requirements;
    •  choice of law provisions required by passenger tickets; and
    •  jurisdictional issues depending on whether the ship is in territorial waters.

Enjoy your cruise vacation and have a great time. But, be aware that if you are injured while on your vacation, you need to talk to an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer as soon as you get back to dry land so you can protect your rights.    


For more information about your cruise ship injury and advice about an accident claim, contact cruise ship accident lawyer Joseph M. Maus at 1-866-556-5529 or email him today. Mr. Maus will provide a free, no obligation consultation to answer your questions as to whether you have a claim against your cruise line. He is an experienced cruise ship injury claims lawyer who has handled thousands of claims ranging from slip and trip and falls, sexual assault, cruise ship viruses and violations of safety and cleanliness standards, injuries during onshore excursions, and many other types of claims which are related to cruise ships.   His office handles claims on a contingent basis which means there are no attorney’s fees charged unless a recovery is made on your behalf. Mr. Maus is licensed to practice throughout the State of Florida, in the Southern and Middle Districts of the United States District Court, and is licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court and is an “AV” rated by Martindale Hubbell, the highest legal ability rating awarded, and the highest ethical rating awarded to attorneys.


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