Florida Slip and Fall Cases – Atlantic City Casino – Expert Advice

September 25, 2009

The following is an expert answer given by Florida Premises Liability Lawyer, Joseph M. Maus, and taken from AllExperts.com, a free Q & A service on the internet:

Subject: Slip and Fall at an Atlantic City Casino

Question: 10 days ago, I was staying at the Borgota Casino in AC. After
coming back inside from checking the weather (it was very nasty and rainy
out), I tripped and fell onto my left knee in the entrance way. Because of
the weather and foot traffic from the revolving door, the floor was wet, but
there weren’t any "CAUTION WET FLOOR" signs.
I assumed that I just bumped it and it was swollen so I didn’t take any
further action to report it. I don’t have health insurance so I didn’t want
to have to pay an enormous fee at the hospital to get it checked out.

It’s been 10 days, and I can’t even bend my knee now. The swelling hasn’t
gone down, and I feel there may be some fluid in my knee cap. Like I said, I
have been laid off from my job, and don’t have health insurance and can’t
afford to see a doctor. How do you suggest I go about contacting the Borgota
and letting them know of my injury? Is it too late?

Thanks for your help.

Answer: It is not too late, but it’s getting close.  My advice to you
is to contact an accident lawyer in New Jersey and discuss the claim with
him/her asap.  The answer to your question depends on the law in New Jersey
for slip and fall accidents, and how bad your injuries are.  I am a Florida
accident lawyer specializing in auto accidents, Florida slip and fall cases, and workers
compensation claims.  Laws vary from state to state so the law in a Florida
slip and fall
claim may be different than one in New Jersey.

The best advice I can give you is to speak with a accident lawyer in New
Jersey that specializes in premises liability claims, i.e. slip and falls.
He can advise you what the law is in New Jersey for slip and fall accidents
such as yours.

Generally, a landowner such as a hotel owes two duties to persons lawfully on the property – maintain the property in a reasonably safe condition, and to warn persons on the property of dangerous conditions that the person may
not be able to appreciate themselves.  Water on the floor is a pretty common
example of the hotel not maintaining the property in a reasonably safe
condition.  The fact that it occurred near the revolving door, with poor
weather outside, indicates the hotel either knew of the slippery floor, or
definitely should have known about it.  If you can establish liability against the hotel, you should be entitled to compensation for your injury,
pain and suffering, lost wages, and whatever benefits New Jersey law allows.

I have found in Florida slip and fall cases, many people will wait to see if the injury disappears over time, but often
times it does not.  You have not waited too long, but you should move
quickly to have a accident attorney evaluate your claim, and to seek medical
care.  Your attorney can advise you of ways to seek medical care even if you
don’t have health insurance.

You should contact an attorney soon.  There are many steps your attorney
should take now, i.e. notify the insurance company for the casino, find out
what types of coverage are available, obtain photographs, etc, that should
all be done now.  The Borgota is a large hotel/casino.  There are most
likely other cases like yours which have occurred there.  If you contact an
experienced accident lawyer, he/she has most likely handled a claim against
the Borgota and can tell you whether an incident like yours is a common
occurrence there.

Most accident attorneys specializing in premises liability claims handle the
claims on a contingent basis,i.e. their attorneys fee is a percentage of any
money they recover for you, and offer a free, no-obligation consultation to
discuss whether you have a viable case.  So, you have nothing to lose by
meeting with an accident lawyer to discuss the claim.  If it has been 10
days and your knee is still swollen, you are probably going to find an
accident attorney interested in pursuing your claim.

For more information about your rights in a case of a Florida slip and fall injury, contact Florida premises liability lawyer, Joseph M. Maus at 1-866-556-5529, visit his website at mauslawfirm.com, or email him today.


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