Florida Workers Compensation Injury Information

September 30, 2009

Generally speaking, most of us go off to work every day, do our jobs, and come back home injury-free. The majority of people probably don’t even think about the fact that there is always a chance that they may be injured on the job. But, work-related injuries happen in the blink of an eye and, while it’s not too late to think about things after the injury occurs, it is better to be prepared. This article outlines the basic procedures to follow in the event of a work-related injury, what your rights are, and what worker’s compensation can do for you.

  • If you suffer a workplace injury, Florida Workers Compensation requires you to report it to your employer as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after the injury occurs, or you risk having the claim denied.
  • Your employer is then required to report your injury to their insurance company within seven days. If your employer will not report the injury to their insurance company, you have the right to report it yourself under Section 440.185 , of the Florida Statutes.
  • The insurance company must provide you with a brochure outlining your rights and responsibilities, as well as additional Florida workers compensation injury information.
  • Your employer or their insurance company maintains a list of authorized medical providers. You must choose a provider from this list in order to get coverage for the necessary medical care, prescriptions, and treatment for your injury.
  • You may petition for a one-time change of physician, but exercise this right carefully.
  • Under Florida law, you are not paid for the first seven days of disability, however the insurance company might pay you if your disability extends beyond 21 days.
  • Florida law does not require your employer to hold your job open for you until the doctor releases you to work again, however you may be protected under the Family Medical Leave Act..
  • If you can not return to the type of work you did before your injury, Florida workers compensation entitles you to vocation counseling, transferable skills analysis, job-seeking skills, job placement, on-the-job training, and formal retraining at no cost to you.
  • If you settle your claim for medical benefits with the insurance company and your condition gets worse later, you are responsible for your future medical needs after your claim has been settled.
  • You have the right to retain an attorney to help make sure your rights are protected and your injuries are properly compensated. It is in your best interest to hire an experienced Florida work accident compensation lawyer. You want to be sure the attorney you hire knows the ins and outs of the Florida workers compensation laws as these laws are complex and are amended by the Florida Legislature annually

No one heads off to work in the morning expecting to be injured on the job. Hopefully, you will never have to even worry about using workers compensation. But, if you do have to use it, at least now you are better prepared with some information about your rights and the basics about how the Florida Workers Compensation system works.

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