Florida’s I-95 Most Deadly

October 13, 2010

Could you imagine your daily commute being on a stretch in which there are 1.73 fatal car accidents per mile? Sadly, for those of us who live in Florida this is exactly the case. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, I-95 in Florida has been ranked the “nations most deadly highway.” Statistics found that in a 4 year period between 2004 and 2008, there were 662 fatalities from Florida car accidents.  That’s not even taking into account the fact that there was an average of 702 non-fatal accidents per day in 2006 alone.

There are several factors that play in to the astonishing amount of Florida car accidents on I-95. For starters, the number of drivers in south Florida leads to significant amounts of  traffic which in turn increases the drivers aggression.  With 10-12 lanes already in areas of  Broward and Miami-Dade county, there is no longer any room to add more lanes in an effort to prevent overcrowding.  Although express lanes have already been added in Miami-Dade county, the number of car accidents is not declining. With no reliable public transportation systems, commuters are forced to crowd  this highway.

Between cell phones, text messaging, GPS systems, and video players it is becoming increasingly difficult to simply focus on driving. This is an issue on any road, but with the amount of drivers on I-95 and a 65 mph speed limit this becomes even more dangerous.

For some of us, driving on I-95 on a daily basis is inevitable. Though we cannot do anything about overcrowding or the attitudes of others, we can all make a difference by simply putting safety first. By making small adjustments such as turning off our cell phones and getting directions before we leave our houses rather than while driving 70 mph, Florida car accidents can be greatly reduced.


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