Road Rage

October 13, 2010

People in metropolitan America all have one thing in common…Traffic. Every day, whether they are driving an hour to work or 15 minutes to the nearest grocery store, people are faced with anger and frustration on the road. Many times, people become so frustrated, it turns into road rage. Pair this with modern day distractions and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. Data collected by AutoVantage through a survey of 2,500 drivers show that distractions such as talking and texting are the leading cause of violent incidents in the US.

MSN.com reports that Miami was the #1 Road Rage City in America in 2009. Fortunately, Miami has slipped to # 8 in 2010. This year, New York City was ranked as number one. According to the study, the most common reactions by drivers in New York City were honking, cursing, making obscene gestures, and shaking their fists in the air. For anyone that has been to New York City this might not come as a surprise as the town is as fast paced and busy as can be, but some of the other cities on this list might surprise you.

Number two on the Road Rage list was Dallas/Fort Worth. Rather than southern hospitality, the MSN.com report found this town to be the leader in tailgating and speeding related accidents. Detroit was next on the list, with its drivers being the leaders in intentionally slamming into the vehicles of those who were being “inconsiderate while driving.” Minneapolis/St. Paul followed with the highest percentage of red light runners and tailgating.

Phoenix and Miami received the same ranking for hosting the rudest drivers. Studies also showed that 88% of Miami drivers are talking on the phone behind the wheel while 48% admitted to cursing people out on the road. Miami also ranked number one in most likely to cut off drivers without notice. Houston was next on the list with speeding being the main culprit. Cincinnati was also ranked, and had the highest percentage of people admitting to sending text messages and emails while driving. Cincinnati came right behind Miami in most likely to curse other drivers out. Last on the list was San Diego, with its drivers being the most likely to slam on the breaks during bouts of road rage.


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