British pensioner falls overboard on Luxury Liner

October 15, 2010

A 79 year old man has been lost at sea after falling overboard from the Fred Olsen liner. What started as a 21-day voyage on the Adriatic Sea ended in tragedy, as his wife woke up in the middle of the night to find him missing. The Daily Mail reported that “the ship was in French waters about 45 miles south of the Cornish Coast when the man was reported missing.”

Rescue crews, the Brixham coastguard, a French coastguard fixed-wing plane, a French warship, a British coastguard helicopter and the Royal Navy frigate HMS Westminster, were all involved in the search, but to no avail. According to the report, since it is unknown what time the passenger went overboard, the 218 meter ship could have traveled 100 miles before the rescue efforts began. The ship arrived in Dover yesterday morning at 7am. Though there is still an ongoing investigation, the search for the missing man has been concluded.

According to cruise expert Ross Klein, about 116 people have fallen off cruise ships in the last nine years. In 2009 alone, twelve people lost their lives when they went overboard while on a cruise. Three of those incidents occurred on Carnival Cruise ship in just three weeks.

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