Teen Injured in Hit-and-Run

October 15, 2010

17 year old Danisha Williams was injured outside Miami Norland Senior High school on Wednesday October 6, 2010 after the driver of the red Pontiac struck her twice, dragged her down the street, and then sped away. The girl was taken to Jackson Memorial hospital via helicopter. JusticeNewsFlash.com reported that the vehicle was found abandoned, but police have yet to find the driver.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations Fatality Analysis Reporting System Encyclopedia (FARS), 490 pedestrians in Florida were killed in traffic related accidents in 2008. Florida leads the way with the highest number of pedestrian killed in traffic related accidents in America, with a total of 4,414 fatalities reported. Florida also had the highest number of fatalities related to car accident that year with 2,980 deaths reported.

The most recent statistics reported by FARS show that since January of this year, there have been 14,996 lives lost due to car accidents in the US.

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