Costa Classica cruise ship involved in accident with cargo ship

October 19, 2010

News agencies are reporting the Costa Classica, a cruise ship with a 1,308 passenger capacity, was involved in a collision with a Belgian flagged cargo vessel. If the reports are accurate, this would be the second time in a few years the Classica has collided with another ship. In 2008, it was reported the Costa Classica had a collision with the MSC Poesia when the Classica was sitting at anchor.

The Classica was built in 1991 and is one of the older ship in the Costa fleet. The ship is 723 feet long, has 654 cabins onboard, and carries a crew of 590 members. A photograph being posted by Eastbay.com shows an approximate 60 foot gash down the starboard side of the ship, resulting from the accident.

Costa Classica Accident

News reports also indicate that several passengers reported to the infirmary for injuries suffered during the cruise accident. At least three passengers were taken ashore for further medical treatment. The accident occurred at the mouth of the Yangtze River on the Classica’s return to Shanghai.

Cruise ship accident attorney Joseph M. Maus says that passengers injured during the Classica accident need to be aware of ticket limitations contained in their ticket contract. These limitations include where and when a claim for injuries resulting from the Classica accident can be brought.

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