Man injured as object crashes into vehicle

November 12, 2010

Last Wednesday, a man was injured from road debris crashing through his window on the Florida Turnpike in Fort Lauderdale, about a mile south of Sunrise Boulevard. The Miami Herald reported that the accident caused glass to be logged in the driver’s eyes as well as several cuts on his arms.

This does not come as a surprise considering the number of similar instances reported over the past few years. Florida auto accidents caused by road debris crashing through windows can be extremely dangerous. A study conducted by Safety Research and Strategies, Inc., showed that if you are traveling at 55 miles per hour, a 20 pound object can hit with more than 1000 pounds of force.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety , objects crashing through windshields are responsible for 25,000 accidents and nearly 100 deaths each year. Just a few years go, 24 year old Maria Frederici was nearly killed when a piece of furniture fell off a trailer, causing a large chunk of wood to break off and shoot like a missile through her windshield, and hitting her diagonally across the face. Earlier this year in South Carolina, Jo Maureen Fisher died after a truck driver hit a pothole causing a rock to fly through her windshield.

A few years ago, Stephanie Murray and her mother were traveling on I-95 in Broward county when a 17 inch, 20 pound metal rod slammed into her chest when it flew through her windshield, impaling her to her seat and missing her aorta by less than a quarter on an inch. It was at that point that the Florida Highway Patrol started keeping records of reported road debris related accidents. In that year, 194 incidents of road debris were reported in Broward county alone.

Though many times these accident’s are unavoidable South Florida Auto Accident Attorney Joseph Maus suggests that in order to help prevent a similar situation you should always make sure your load is secure, move away from vehicles who are carrying large furniture or other objects, be aware of your surroundings to avoid running over debris or getting hit by objects that are kicked up by other cars, and be careful when avoiding objects, as swerving can cause you to lose control of your car.

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