Miami and Ft. Lauderdale roadways ranked among Nation’s most congested roads for Holiday Travel

November 24, 2010

According to the travel experts at AAA, about 42 million people are expected to travel this Thanksgiving and about 70% of them will be driving. Although driving might seem like the most cost effective way to get home for the holidays,  Weather.com reports that more traffic jams are expected than usual this Thanksgiving holiday.

The Weather Channel has highlighted the ten cities across America that are home to the worst Holiday traffic Jams. By using monitors from Metro Networks and Navteq, two of the largest traffic monitoring companies in the U.S., they compiled the following List:

1) New York/Washington D.C.
2) Boston
3) Chicago
4) New York City
5) San Francisco
6) Atlanta
8 ) Dallas
9) Detroit
10) Miami/Fort Lauderdale

Being stuck at the end of a peninsula is great for beach seekers, but only adds to the traffic nightmare in South Florida. With Miami’s Palmetto expressway being one of the most congested roads in the Nation on a regular basis, holiday travelers only add to the problem. Add in snow birds and two major airport less then 30 miles from each other and you have a recipe for disaster. AAA states that there are thousands expected in South Florida during the holiday season.

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