5 Killed in rollover accident on 1-95 in Florida

December 7, 2010

Five adults were killed and four children were injured Monday, when a rear tire exploded on a 1996 Ford Expedition causing the SUV to flip over on Florida’s I-95. 18-year-old Hugo Campos-Leon was driving his family back from a reunion in North Carolina when the accident occurred. When the tire blew, he lost control of the vehicle and hit several trees before the vehicle rolled over. He died shortly after being transported to the hospital.

Several passengers were ejected from the vehicle as it appears many of the passengers were not wearing seatbelts. Two of the children that were injured lost both their parents, older brother and grandmother as a result of the accident. The two mothers of the other children were also pronounced dead at the scene.

When an SUV is equipped with a defective tires , the likelihood of a serious injury occurring increases dramatically. However tire failures, blowouts and de-treads are foreseeable and preventable events. Most tires are estimated to last between 60,000 and 80,000 miles. As tires age, the rubber can become more brittle and more prone to a blowout or a de-tread event. The NHTSA recommends that tires be replaced every six years, regardless of mileage or use.

All tires are printed with information about their manufacture date. The information is usually printed on the outside sidewall, close to the rim/hubcap. The number is preceded by the letters “DOT,” which stands for U.S. Department of Transportation and indicates that the tire meets all federal standards. This is followed by two numbers and letters that are a code for where the tire was manufactured. Following the manufacturer ID numbers or letters is the code that provides information about the tire’s age. For instance, the numbers “5107″ mean that the tire was manufactured during the 51st week of 2007.

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