30 hurt as storm hits Royal Carribean cruise

December 14, 2010

CBS News reports that more than 2,100 passengers were tossed from their bunks at 2:30 am Sunday, as a violent winter storm pounded the eastern Mediterranean producing hurricane force winds and over thirty foot waves. It is reported that Royal Carribean’s Brilliance of the Seas pitched backwards and started rocking, nearly tipping over on its side. About 30 passengers slashed their feet on broken glass as they fumbled through the darkness. The ship, which carried over 1,000 Americans, lost power for a few hours causing many passengers to believe that the ship was sinking.

AOL News reports that passengers could hear “the whole boat screaming” when the storm hit. Damage on the Miami Based cruise ship included overturned furniture, casino tables, smashed fitness equipment and broken glass. Additionally, the huge Christmas tree in the ship’s foyer was toppled over.

The 12 day cruise was headed to Egypt, but was redirected towards Malta because of the storm. A cargo ship sank nearby because of the storm, but all 11 crew members were rescued.

There have been several reports recently of trouble aboard cruise ships. Last week the Clelia 2 was also hit by a massive storm as it sailed between South America and Antarctica. The Carnival Splendor was stranded in the Pacific Ocean when a fire left the ship without power. Additionally a South Korean vessel in Antarctic waters sank leaving 22 people dead.


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