Tossed Cruise Ship Docks: Passengers Revolt

December 15, 2010

Royal Carribean’s Brilliance of the Seas safely docked in Malta early this morning after being hit by a major winter storm this past weekend. According to ABC News, the Miami based cruise ship line is describing this as a “serious incident.” Reports state that the 90,000 ton cruise ship is said to have tilted as far as 15 degrees several times as 80-mile-per-hour winds and over 30-foot waves slammed the liner.

Several passengers had reported minor injuries such as cuts, bumps, and bruises, but it is being reported that some also have broken bones. Passengers report that they prepared for the worst since they thought the ship was going to tip over completely. Furniture is said to have been flying across the staterooms as well as the remainder of the ship. The beauty salon, video arcade, and disco were closed for the remainder of the voyage.

ABC News reports that upon landing in Malta, cruise ship representatives announced that they were going to offer everyone onboard $200. Passengers became very angry at such an offer because of the horrifying experience they had to endure. After hearing the protests of the outraged passengers, they decided that they would offer passengers a full refund instead. Cruise line companies will often try to make low ball offers of cruise discounts and 2 for 1 vouchers to avoid paying the full value of a cruise ship accident or injury.

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