Unlicensed Teen fatally strikes pedestrian in hit-and-run

December 21, 2010

The Sun-Sentinel reports that 69-year-old Emil Angel of Coral Springs was killed Monday morning when a 15-year-old boy struck him and fled the scene. Angel was attempting to cross University Drive when he was struck as the boy was attempting to turn left onto University in Broward. Witnesses say that Angel flew about 30 feet after the impact. He was airlifted to North Broward Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

A police officer witnessed the collision and attempted to chase the teens who abandoned the vehicle and ran into Coral Square Mall. Police locked down the mall to search for the teenagers and they were detained shortly thereafter though no immediate arrests were made. Under Florida law, authorities must file formal charges within 21 days. In order to press charges, a traffic homicide investigation must be completed. The other two teens in the car have been classified as witnesses.

This comes just one day after 78-year-old Leo Carillo was struck and killed by a hit-and run driver in Miami while on his usual morning walk. The driver of the vehicle has not been found.
South Florida ranks third in the nation in fatal pedestrian car accidents. The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Traffic Statistics Report states that 502 pedestrians were killed in Florida car accidents across the state in 2008 alone.

The risk of being involved in a car accident for drivers aged 16- to 19-year-olds is higher than it is for any other age group. For each mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are about four times more likely than other drivers to crash.

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