Toyota to pay $10 Million in lawsuit

December 27, 2010

The Associated Press reports that Toyota Motor Corporation has agreed to pay $10 million to the family of four people that were killed in 2009. Investigators concluded that the accident occurred because a wrong sized floor mat trapped the accelerator of the Lexus, causing the car to reach more than 120 mph’s. The car then struck another vehicle before launching off an embankment and rolling over several times before bursting into flames.

The car accident led to the recall of millions of Toyota vehicles. They first recalled the floor mats that caused the accelerators to jam and later millions more as the gas pedals were sticking. This case was considered the strongest of the hundreds of lawsuits that had been files due to sudden acceleration on Toyota’s.

Although Toyota never admitted liability, they filed a motion to keep the settlement amount confidential, as they felt it could hurt its reputation. Superior Court Judge Anthony Mohr denied the motion as he felt it was the public’s right to know the details, as many others were affected by the vehicle’s problems.

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