Survivor of crash that killed 3 speaks out

December 31, 2010

The driver of the accident on US 27 in Broward county that left 3 teenagers dead is awake and talking about what happened. When reports of the accident were initially released, illegal street racing was suspected, but 18-year-old Angel Lazo is now telling a different story.

According to the teen, while driving home that night, his car started mis-firing, so he told Raymond Garcia, the driver of the other car, to follow close behind him as he was going to pull over ahead. The driver of the tractor trailer could not stop quickly enough, and crashed into the back of both cars, killing 2 teens instantly. The third teen died a few days later at North Broward General Medical Center.

Lazo remains hospitalized as he suffered severe neck trauma and a fractured skull. He reports that he is hurt that police would think they were racing, as they were simply trying to get off the road safely. What has not been reported on is why the driver of the tractor trailer did not see the car sitting on the roadway. Had the tractor trailer been traveling at a safe speed, with the driver paying attention, it seems as if the tractor trailer driver should have seen the cars and been able to avoid them.

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