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Burned body found in hull of boat that exploded at marina

January 5, 2011

The Sun-Sentinel reports the missing body of 67-year-old Robert Romanelli was found in the hull of a 32 foot boat that caught on fire at the Delray Harbor Marina in Delray Beach Monday.The boat was being refueled by Romanelli and his brother at the marina when it exploded into flames.

Reports indicate that the men were attempting to fix a fuel leak when the explosion occurred, but the cause of the explosion and fire remain unknown . Romanelli was in the engine compartment when the explosion occurred. The two other men were working on the top deck and they suffered burns and cuts on their hands. The dock manager of the Delray Harbor club saw the boat burst into flames, collapse inward and capsize. The Boat was towed on Tuesday to a Lantana boatyard, where state fire marshal investigaotrs will try to determine the case of the explosion. Boating accident deaths are governed by a complex maze of state, federal and admiralty laws, depending on where and how the accident occurs. It is unclear what employment status Mr. Romanelli held at the time of his death so as to determine whether a wrongful death claim, or some other type of claim may provide compensation to his survivors.

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