Two bicyclists in Broward killed in car accidents in two days

January 6, 2011

The Sun-Sentinel reports that 53-year-old Anthony Vesce and 61-year-old Jim Dorsey were killed while riding their bicycles early in the morning, only 24 hours apart. Both accidents occurred in Broward county, making them the first two bicycle fatalities in the country in 2011.
Vesce was killed early Tuesday morning while riding his bike along the 1500 block of Flamingo Road approaching Sunrise Boulevard. Dorsey suffered the same fate a few miles away as he was crossing from north to south in the 2500 block of West Sunrise Boulevard.

The NHTSA reported in 2009, that there were 109 bicycle related fatalities in Florida. According to the Sun Sentinel twenty percent of traffic deaths in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River counties were pedestrian and bicyclists. Between 2001 and 2005, those counties has 3,233 bicycle crashes on roadways, resulting in 78 deaths

Although police have not determined who is at fault, they are urging caution on part of motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Carlos Laborde, a United States Cycling Federation official, is urging cyclists to wait for daylight as he feels “riding when it is dark is suicidal.” Attorney Joseph M. Maus urges drivers to minimize distractions and be alert when driving to avoid being involved in an accident. To comply with Florida bicycle laws, cyclists are required to have frost white light and need rear light visible from 500 feet at anytime before sun up and after sundown.

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