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Cruise vacation ruined for couple

January 24, 2011

After coming home from Iraq, Johnathan Daponte and his wife Jess decided to take a Royal Carribean Cruise to the Carribean. Instead of relaxing and enjoying their time togther, WHDH-TV reports the couple spent their time using towels to try and stop flooding after a pipe over their cabin broke dumping gallons of water from the ceiling. The water cascade from the ceiling and flooded their cabin and the entire 9th floor of the cruise ship. The passengers stated that they made three emergency calls yet it took over a half hour from the cruise line to send crewmembers to stop the water and fix the pipe. By the time crewmembers showed up, there was about two feet of water in the room.

Despite the fact that the Daponte’s vacation was ruined and many of their belongings were damaged by the water, Royal Carribean showed no remorse. When the Duponte’s contacted the Royal Carribean they were simply offered 50 percent off a future cruise.

Many times cruise ship lines will make low ball offers such as half off cruises or two-for-one vouchers to avoid paying for the actual value of their negligence. Contact attorney Joseph M. Maus for more information on compensation for cruise ship incidents, accidents or cruise ship injury claims.


Pembroke Pines PAL program to teach teens driving safety

January 24, 2011

The Sun-Sentinel Reports that the Pembroke Pines Police Athletic League (PAL) is starting a prevention program to teach teens about driving safety. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens, accounting for more than one in three deaths in this age group.” PAL will host the event at Xtreme Indoor Karting of Fort Lauderdale combining indoor racing with classes covering road rage, DUI, and illegal street racing.

The topics that will be discussed in the event are all frequent causes of Florida car accidents. U.S. 27, a road that is known for illegal street racing, runs along the western edges of Pembroke Pines. In December, three teens were killed while street racing just a week after police had shut down a drag racing event. Additionally, South Florida was ranked by MSN among the top places where you are likely to encounter road rage. Miami was ranked number one in most likely to cut off drivers without notice and 48% of drivers admitted to cursing people out on the road. In September, a 33-year-old man was shot dead in Pompano Beach after a road rage incident.

Information regarding driving under the influence will also be covered, as this is one of the most frequent causes of teen driving fatalities. According to the CDC in 2008, “25% of drivers ages 15 to 20 who died in motor vehicle crashes had a BAC of 0.08 g/dl or higher.” Furthermore, in 2008, nearly three out of every four teen drivers killed in motor vehicle crashes after drinking and driving were not wearing a seat belt.

For more information about Florida car accident laws, contact Attorney Joseph M. Maus.

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