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Walt Disney World, Florida Slip and Fall Question – Expert Advice

February 18, 2010

The following is an expert answer given by Florida Premises Liability Lawyer, Joseph M. Maus, and taken from, a free Q & A service on the internet:

Subject: Disney World, Florida Slip and Fall Question

Question: While visiting Disney World in December 09, I was in the restroom in the lobby at one of the resorts, and while exiting the restroom I slipped and fell on the wet floor (no signs were posted). I was taken to the Celebration Hospital via ambulance. I was diagnosed with a concusion and was required to stay in the hospital for two days.

What is Disney responsible for – medical bills, pain and suffering? Do I have a case?

Answer: The best advice I can give you is to speak with an experienced Florida slip and fall injury lawyer about your claim.  Believe it or not, there are attorneys in the central Florida area that specialize in accidents that occur at Walt Disney World.  And many of the claims involve slip and fall accidents.  As you could imagine, with as many people that go through WDW and its resorts on a daily basis, there are a lot of accidents that occur.

Keep in mind that WDW is not responsible for every slip and fall that occurs at one of its resort hotels.  In Florida, a hotel owner/operator owes two duties to persons lawfully on the property – maintain the property in a reasonably safe condition, and to warn persons on the property of dangerous conditions that the person may not be able to appreciate themselves.  You need to be able to prove that WDW knew, or should have known, about the wet floor.  There are different ways to go about doing that, but it is best to consult with an experienced Florida slip and fall injury attorney to discuss the facts of your claim.

If you can prove WDW is liable for the claim, Florida law allows you to recover money damages for your injury(s) and resulting damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and damages that you may lose in the future due to your injury.  You can also recover money damages for your pain and suffering, both past and future.

You should consult with an experienced Florida slip and fall lawyer that has handled claims against WDW.  It is best to find an accident injury lawyer in central Florida that can investigate your claim. You should speak to a lawyer soon.  The lawyer will advise you how best to pursue your claim.  You will also want the lawyer to put WDW on notice of the claim, preserve any evidence such as surveillance video or witness statements, and help coordinate your medical care.

For more information about your rights in a case of a Disney World, Florida slip and fall injury, contact Florida premises liability lawyer, Joseph M. Maus at 1-866-556-5529, visit his website at or email him today.

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