The short answer is almost everybody.  The longer answer is:

  • Any employer engaged in the construction industry that employs one or more part or full time employees or an employer in the non-construction industry that employs 4 or more part or full time employees must have Florida workers’ compensation insurance. Employee includes: Corporate officers, and for construction industry employers, limited liability company members 440.02(9), sole proprietors, and partners. Corporate officers, which for construction industry employers, include s a member of a limited liability company are eligible to elect to be exempt from the provisions of Chapter 440.

An employer in the construction industry shall require any sub-contractor who sub-contracts work from an employer to provide evidence of Florida workers’ compensation insurance. If the sub-contractor has a valid exemption, then the sub-contractor shall also provide a copy of his or her certificate of exemption to the employer 440.10 (c).

  • If an employer has secured workers’ compensation coverage for his or her employees by entering into an employee leasing arrangement, the employer must specifically identify coverage for each and every employee. The employer must notify the employee leasing company of the names of all the covered employees and any additional employees that are working on a jobsite that may have been excluded from the employee leasing arrangement.


The short answer is medical care and wage benefits.  The long answer would take a few days to explain.  The employer is responsible to provide workers compensation insurance that will pay 100% of your medical care and treatment and up to 66 2/3 % of your average weekly wages during the 13 weeks which preceded the date of the injury.  There are many variations on the employer/insurance company’s obligations to pay for your medical and wage benefits.  To find out what you are entitled to, log on to www.jmmlawyers.com or contact us toll free at (866) 556-5529

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